AR/VR Weekly | Sept. 4, 2019

The big news last week is that Microsoft is getting closer to a release date for the HoloLens 2. I ju
AR/VR Weekly
The big news last week is that Microsoft is getting closer to a release date for the HoloLens 2. I just find it weird that the date is “September,” considering it’s September 3 as I write this. But let’s set that news aside – the $3,500 is just too expensive for most of us to consider. 
A few other tidbits caught my eye today: 
  • Anafi FPV’s immersive heads-up display isn’t quite AR or VR, but the way it streams footage from the drone’s camera to the smartphone holder on your head looks like something that could become a true AR/VR application. I’ve been down on drones in the past, but now that I’m thinking about getting into fishing and golf again, I’m curious as to how well a drone could help me scout out a course or a good fishin’ hole. 
  • Form and Polar are working together to bring heart-rate data to AR swim goggles. These already show your lap data. It’s a cool idea for top athletes and other fitness-obessed folks. I could see this being adapted for special goggles and displays for runners and bikers as well. I hope the tech develops over the years so that these become contact lens-like devices instead of goggles.
  • The Main Event entertainment center chain is offering Beat Saber now. As our Jeff Grubb says, “It’s like a karaoke night for Jedi.” It’s a fantastic idea for an arcade experience. You control a pair of lightsaber-like batons, and you hit shapes with them to the beat. It’s fun, and it’s a cool addition to Main Event. 
As September rolls in, we’re going to be seeing a great deal of news from mainstream games and tech – especially reviews for products for the holiday season. But I’m hoping we’ll get a steady beat of interesting AR/VR stories as well in the weeks to come.
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– Jason Wilson, GamesBeat managing editor

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