AR/VR Weekly | Mar. 25, 2020

AR/VR Weekly
Half-Life: Alyx is upon us. Its Metacritic score is hovering around 92 as I write this, making it one of VR’s best-reviewed games. We gave it an 80, which we consider to be a very good score. Beat Saber has a 93, and Astro Bot has a 90, so reviewers are grading Alyx as one of the medium’s best so far.
In the coverage, we’ve seen a lot of discussion about VR needing a “killer app,” and of course folks are saying that Alyx could be the game that moves headsets. But I think the “killer app” for VR is going to be a headset, not a game.
And we’re not there yet.
Take the Valve Index, which we said is the best headset for VR. It’s also $1,000. You could buy an Oculus or HTC headset as well, and you could also play it on Oculus Quest over a Link or Virtual Desktop. But all of these are expensive, require specific gear, and/or can be a pain in the butt to set up. The Quest is the closest to that “killer app” hardware VR needs, but it’s not there yet. 
But I hope we will be soon. Until then, please enjoy your social distancing with VR headcrabs.
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And stay 6 feet away from me.
–Jason Wilson, GamesBeat managing editor

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