AR/VR Weekly | Mar. 11, 2020

AR/VR Weekly
This one is cool.
Vicon has a way for athletes, coaches, and backyard jocks to measure and monitor performance in real time. Where was this when I was rebuilding my golf swing last year? 
In a report from our Jeremy Horowitz, Vicon has updated its Capture.U analysis app so that users can “measure, visualize, and improve athletic performance as it’s happening.” So imagine if you were a sprinter, and you had this on your phone. You coach could film you running, and give you feedback on jumping out of blocks, and how you pace out your arms and legs. Or consider breaking down your shot in basketball. I coached my son’s hoops team, and I would’ve loved having a way to analyze how the kids launched the ball out of their hands. 
I’m looking forward to the days when we have real AR tabletop gaming, the promise of that demo from Microsoft and Mojang of folks building Minecraft creations right in front of them. But I suspect I’ll end up enjoying more everyday uses for AR like this – things that can help me (and my kids) improve how we work and play. 
And maybe, we can find out why I keep slicing half of my teeshots.
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–Jason Wilson, GamesBeat managing editor

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