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AR/VR Weekly
Our friends at UploadVR put on a fine Summer Showcase today, showing off a bevy of virtual reality games. As I watched, the first thing I processed was the event’s diversity. Through all these “Not E3” events (read all our coverage here), I saw more people of color – especially Black developers – and women than in any other presentation. I’ve been told that this UploadVR made a push to get more diverse voices involved. Good work for making diversity a part of this event, Upload. And the rest of us need to do better! UploadVR has fewer resources than many of the companies putting on these events – if it can do it, we all can do it. 
Upload also showed off some cool games. Here’s what I found notable: 
  • Traffic Jam (Vertigo Games/Little Chicken): This cartoony game has you directing traffic, and hijinks ensue. It looks silly, but it gets wilder when others foul your directions up in multiplayer … by playing with you on their phones. 
  • Blaston (Resolution Games): This is a 1-vs.-1 shooter in which you have to dodge and juke your way out of your opponent’s shot. So it’s also an active game – if you stay still, you’re going to get hit. It reminds me of playing Tron: Deadly Discs as a kid in the street with my brother or friends, throwing Frisbees at one another and blocking or dodging them. 
  • Gnomes and Goblins (WEVR): This is from the folks who put out the demo for theBlu, which showed off the potential of consumer VR back in 2016. The trailer showed an adorable goblin with Baby Yoda-like ears (The Mandalorian‘s John Favreau sketched out their designs when he was involved with the project early-on). I adore the gears in what appears to be a gnome’s home. Gnomes and Goblins looks cute, and I hope they work together instead of, you know, killing each other in a bloody war.
  • In Death Unchained (Superbright): This studio consists of a group of developers who’ve worked on Cyberpunk 2077, Dead Island, and Dying Light. It’s a roguelite in which you’re fighting angels, demons, and other monstrosities that have taken over the afterlife. (I don’t know why angels are a threat. Maybe they ran out of coffee.) You fight them off with a bow and shield. You can upgrade your gear, and when you die, the progression system results in special abilities and other perks that carry over from one run after the other. It’s an Oculus Quest exclusive.
I’m also interested in seeing how Operenca: The Stolen Sun works in VR. It’s a dungeon-crawling RPG, with lots of traps and puzzles, and according to its spokespeople, it was first intended for VR. 
What VR game announcements have got you excited about strapping on your headsets? 
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–Jason Wilson, GamesBeat managing editor

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Video of the Week
Our friends at UploadVR put on one heck of a showcase yesterday. Check it out if you missed it.
Our friends at UploadVR put on one heck of a showcase yesterday. Check it out if you missed it.
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