AR/VR Weekly | July 22, 2020

AR/VR Weekly
Half-Life: Alyx feels like it came out so long ago – but it was just as the coronavirus pandemic was first gripping the globe. But March 23 really wasn’t that long ago. It just feels like it. 
While the timing may have felt off, Alyx did show us what a polished triple-A game from a major publisher looks like. And in a recent column, our Dean Takahashi examined the Final Hours documentary project about how Valve made Alyx. I learned a bit more about how Valve approaches VR and making games these days, and I hope you do as well. 
Meanwhile, our Jeremy Hortiwz has a look at new research on a hand-tracking device … that sits on your wrist, not your hand! It’s a cool idea. 
Be well, and as many of us continue to shelter-in-place as coronavirus infections rise around the country, I hope entertainment and technology such as VR are still helping you cope with the world around us.
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–Jason Wilson, GamesBeat managing editor

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Video of the Week
Interested in our Transform event, but you missed it! Here it is.
Interested in our Transform event, but you missed it! Here it is.
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