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AR/VR Weekly | Jan. 8, 2020

The Consumer Electronics Show isn't about video games. That's what the Electronic Entertainment Expo
AR/VR Weekly
The Consumer Electronics Show isn’t about video games. That’s what the Electronic Entertainment Expo is for. But after looking over the news from Las Vegas, I’m bummed.
At the dawn of 2020, it’s clear that video games won’t drive AR and VR for the next few years. Sure, Pokémon Go has made over $2.5 billion dollars, but is it really true AR gaming? PlayStation boss Jim Ryan reported Monday night that Sony has sold 5 million PSVR headsets, but when you consider that it’s also sold more than 106 million consoles, that’s an attach rate of under 5%.
And remember: The PSVR is the best-selling VR headset.
So, as we see more headsets for enterprise use, as we see the adoption of AR for consumers, gaming still feels like it’s sitting in the corner as developers and publishers deal with the hype bubble and the high price of VR.
Or maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way. Maybe I need to be patient and wait for the tech to improve, to where VR headsets have the sensors and the haptic gear to make us feel truly immersed in a virtual world. Or when we see AR games playing out in front of us, on our tabletops and in midair.
Maybe I just need to be more patient and less jealous of consumer and enterprise AR and VR’s success.
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–Jason Wilson, GamesBeat managing editor

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