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AR/VR Weekly | Feb. 12, 2020

Every time I go to get beer, I keep seeing hard seltzers. Even big brands like Budweiser are getting
AR/VR Weekly
Every time I go to get beer, I keep seeing hard seltzers. Even big brands like Budweiser are getting into them. Hard seltzer is hot right now … just like virtual reality was in gaming in 2016. 
Of course, we know what happened – VR went into the inevitable “trough of disillusionment,” and the excitement dried up. But a funny thing happened along the way to VR’s “death” – augmented reality started to catch steam, and enterprise discovered the usefulness in VR.
So it comes to no surprise to me that job site Hired found that AR/VR jobs were up 1,400% in 2019. Now, I’m not sure how accurate this number is, as Hired is just one job site, and I don’t know the methodology for this result. But over the last few years, I’ve watched the growth of VR in the enterprise with great interest, and I’ve enjoyed seeing gaming keep a strong foothold in VR (and maybe even grow with the release of the Oculus Quest). 
So, what’s the takeaway here? For me, it’s:
  • Emerging technologies are “emerging” for a reason: They’re new, and they require more than money – they need patience, too. 
  • Just because folks herald a new tech for one sector doesn’t mean it isn’t better for another.
Now, Hired said that blockchain was 2018’s hotness. For a while in 2018 and early 2019, it felt like I was getting four-five blockchain pitches a day. Now, a week or more goes by without them. I don’t think we’re ready for that tech, as few people who pitch coverage can show me concrete examples of how it makes gaming better. 
But blockchain will probably grow. We just need to give it time and patience, as some of us have with AR and VR.
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–Jason Wilson, GamesBeat managing editor

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