AR/VR Weekly | Aug. 21, 2019

AR/VR Weekly
A few years ago, Westworld fans felt a tingle in the headsets when reporters checked out Westworld VR. We expected more news about the experience … but we got radio silence.
For years.
Until now. On Monday, VentureBeat lead reporter and Westworld expert Dean Takahashi told us about Westworld Awakening. It’s a project from HBO and Survios, one of the more acclaimed VR studios (think Raw Data and Sprint Vector). What he found was a Westworld game that benefited from the advances made in VR development since 2016. You can read about what it is and how it’s changed from that first 2016 effort in Dean’s interview with HBO’s Adam Foshko and Survios’ Michael Patrick Clark.
Another bit of news caught my eye: Superhot is now funding and mentoring indie games. This is an interesting move for the studio behind one of VR’s greatest hits – Superhot. That game made more in VR than its other versions did. I wonder if this means Superhot will share some of its VR game-design chops with other indies … and what sort of awesome games could result from possible partnerships. 
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– Jason Wilson, GamesBeat managing editor

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Video of the Week
Check out the trailer for Westworld Awakening, the newest game about the hit HBO show.
Check out the trailer for Westworld Awakening, the newest game about the hit HBO show.
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