AR/VR Weekly | April 8, 2020

AR/VR Weekly
So many of you were excited to play Half-Life: Alyx. But I’m far more interested in this effort to bring the classic X-Wing starfighter series into virtual reality. 
X-Wing virtual machine is a project that re-creates LucasArts’ 1993 PC game in Unity. On its YouTube page, the team says that this will be a standalone engine that doesn’t work without the original game files. It also captured some footage with Nvidia Shadowplay and the HP Reverb VR headset running Windows Mixed Reality. It’s all in early alpha. 
The 6 minutes, 44 seconds of footage showed off the logos and that classic Star Wars crawl floating in VR. It takes you into the registration lobby, and later you go to the Mon Calamari cruiser’s concourse. As it was in alpha, you didn’t see much more than just the basics – no people, no details – just floors and such. 
It then went into the briefing room for a Historical Mission, which had a few more details – it showed the briefing map, laying out the mission. And then you strap into the cockpit. Hyperspace is still in development, but the dogfighting looked quite good for an alpha. TIE fighters had plenty of detail, even when the A-wing blew them up, with ionization crackling around the debris. 
It’s hard to gauge just how good the VR is, but I see the potential … though I’m uncertain how much of my appraisal comes from not just my nostalgia (X-Wing is one of my favorite games of all time) but also my thirst for a fantastic starfighter sim for VR (I didn’t care for Eve: Valkyrie and the others I’ve tried). And I know X-Wing is a fantastic starfighter sim, and it still holds up (and remains quite challenging).
I wish the team all the luck in the world. And may the Force be with them. 
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–Jason Wilson, GamesBeat managing editor

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Video of the Week
X-Wing VM is a project to bring the original LucasArts starfighter game into virtual reality.
X-Wing VM is a project to bring the original LucasArts starfighter game into virtual reality.
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