AR/VR Weekly | April 22, 2020

AR/VR Weekly
Holoride’s plan is to use computers in our cars to provide VR entertainment to passengers (no headsets for drivers, of course!). And it landed some pretty snazzy advisers to help chart its way to turning the passenger compartment into a mobile living room.
If there’s one thing the Russo brothers know, it’s how to entertain. 
Arrested Development. Community. A slate of good-to-excellent Marvel movies: Captain America: Winter Soldier (which just doesn’t get enough love), Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. (Let’s just ignore You, Me, and Dupree for the moment.) They know good TV and film, and this makes them a fantastic choice to advise Holoride.
This company’s idea for interactive entertainment will use, as our Jeremy Horwitz writes, “live car telemetry to provide interactive experiences that respond to the car’s motions.” That sounds pretty neat. I wonder if this means more than just the car’s speed, direction, and maneuvers. Imagine if this also worked with your climate control, your sound system, the headlights, or heck, even the buttwarmers on seats. 
Holoride has a lot of potential, and along with some of the other advisers it’s added, it may have a better shot at making its dream a reality. 
But I have a bigger question: Will it stop my kids from asking “Are we there yet” 40 times before we even get 50 miles down the road?
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–Jason Wilson, GamesBeat managing editor

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