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Center for Responsible AI @ NYU Newsletter - Issue #2

Center for Responsible AI @ NYU Newsletter
Center for Responsible AI @ NYU Newsletter - Issue #2
By Center for Responsible AI  • Issue #2 • View online
We are having a busy spring and are excited to share news on our projects, research, and events with you. Visit our website to find out more about R/AI projects, partners, and public events. Stay in touch and follow us on Twitter at @AIResponsibly
For more details about what we’ve been up to, keep reading below! If you love our R/AI newsletter, forward it to a friend. And always remember, if you AI…AI, Responsibly. 
NYU Center for Responsible AI

Launch of the “We Are AI” Learning Circle with Queens Public Library and P2PU 
On May 19, we are launching a public education course called “We are AI”. This course is a 5-week learning circle developed by R/AI in collaboration with Peer-to-Peer University (P2PU) and hosted by the Queens Public Library. Sign up for the course here, or visit the course website to learn more.  
Launch of the “We are AI” Comic Series
Check out our new comic book series that explains AI to a broad audience! Developed by Julia Stoyanovich and Falaah Arif Khan, the series accompanies our public education course, but can be used as a stand-alone resource. Read, enjoy, and share it broadly!  
Launch of the Free Course “AI Ethics: Global Perspectives”
The free course AI Ethics: Global Perspectives, a collaboration between The GovLab, the Global AI Ethics Consortium, R/AI, and the Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence at the Technical University of Munich has been released. It now contains 16 modules from leading experts on AI ethics. You can explore the modules, and watch the lectures and the instructor panels here.
New Volume of the “Data, Responsibly” Comic Series
“Fairness and Friends,” the second volume of the Data, Responsibly comic series created by Falaah Arif Khan, our Artist in Residence, Eleni Manis, and Julia Stoyanovich was released in May and can be downloaded here. Falaah, Eleni, and Julia presented a tutorial based on the comic at the ACM FAccT 2021 conference, watch the tutorial here.
“AI Here and There” Event Series in Collaboration with the Swiss Consulate NYC
In April, we hosted a four-part event collaboration with the Swiss Consulate New York City. The “AI Here and There” series was curated and hosted by Mona Sloane and created a transatlantic dialogue on AI, society, and innovation. It brought together AI experts from Switzerland and the U.S. to explore the themes of AI in our everyday lives, sustainability, health, and art and creativity. The first event was opened by the Dean of NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering, Dr. Jelena Kovacevic, alongside Ambassador Markus Börlin, the Consul General of Switzerland in New York. You can watch the 1-hour conversations on our YouTube Channel and read more about the series here
NYC Open Data Week “Understanding and Addressing Algorithmic Bias in Hiring” 
On March 12, we hosted our first Open Data Week event “Understanding and Addressing Algorithmic Bias in Hiring” featuring Mona Sloane, Julia Stoyanovich, Hilke Schellmann (NYU School of Journalism), and Gracy Sarkissian (NYU Wasserman Career Center). The conversation focused on the use of automated hiring tools, particularly in the context of entry-level positions to which students apply. You can watch the recording of the event here.
Launch of “Terra Incognita NYC” Research Report
In summer 2020, Mona Sloane led a research project that explored the emergence of digital public space in New York City. The work was funded by New_Public, and the results were presented in a public launch on March 30. You can explore the research outcomes and recommendations for technologists, urban designers, policy makers, researchers, and community advocates in this interactive Miro board, as well as in the report. “Tough Times Never Last, But New Yorkers Do.”
Sponsorship of Women in AI 
In March, R/AI partnered with and sponsored Women in AI’s first ethical leadership & business acceleration program aimed at women-innovators in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science who are ready to start a venture. Our support will go directly to helping the participating teams build their first prototypes and eventually receive support from R/AI’s AI for Good virtual incubator. 
Brookings’ Center for Technology Innovation “What Exactly is ‘Responsible AI’ in Principle and in Practice?”
On May 10, Julia Stoyanovich participated in an event organized by Brookings’ Center for Technology Innovation, appearing alongside Natasha Crampton, Chief Responsible AI Officer at Microsoft, and Will Hurd, former U.S. Congress Representative (R-TX). The panel was moderated by Nicol Turner Lee, Senior Fellow or Governance Studies and Director of the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings. Watch the panel here.
EDBT/ICDT keynote 2021 keynote “Comparing Apples and Oranges”
On March 26, Julia Stoyanovich delivered a keynote at the 24th International Conference on Extending Database Technology, EDBT/ICDT 2021 on “Comparing apples and oranges: fairness and diversity in ranking”. Watch the talk here and read the accompanying survey on arXiv.
NYU Brademas Center “AI for Good: Designing and Equitable Future”
Mona Sloane and Julia Stoyanovich participated in an event organized by Brademas Center at NYU on March 31, where they discussed the societal impacts of technology, and shared the tools needed to pursue responsible AI use. They shared a stage with moderator Rachel Metz (Senior Writer, CNN Business) and co-panelists Heather Dowdy (Program Manager, AI & Accessibility at Microsoft;) and Susan Gonzales (CEO of AIandYou). You can watch the recording of the event here.
“How do you Lip Read a Robot: Is AI Powered Unfairness Avoidable?”
On April 8, Julia Stoyanovich spoke on a panel, hosted by the Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs and International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP), that focused on the serious yet unacknowledged risks to the world’s more than 1.3 billion persons with disabilities triggered by the fast-growing use of AI-powered recruitment technology. The panel was moderated by Susan Scott-Parker, Founder of Business Disability International, and also featured Inmaculada Placencia Porrero, Deputy Head of Unit, Unit D3, Rights of Persons with Disabilities, European Commission, and Nigel Guelome, Director of Research Goldsmiths, University of London. Watch the panel here.
Women in AI USA “Respectful and Responsible AI”
Mona Sloane and Karina Alexanyan (Founder and CEO, Humanication) shared their perspective on AI innovation, policy and tech inequality. We hosted a Q&A session with inspired pioneers and discussed the opportunity to apply ethical AI education principles, and expand inclusive workforce pipelines.
AI Week “Reimagining Risk: A Conversation about Risk Assessment, Technology Design and Inequality”
On May 14, Mona Sloane participated in the Webcast “Reimagining Risk: A Conversation about Risk Assessments, Technology Design and Inequality organized by The Hispanic Technology and Telecommunications Partnership (HTTP) for the AI Week (May 10-14). The event was moderated by Alejandro Roark (Executive Director, HTTP), and co-panelists were Andrea Arias (Attorney at Federal Trade Commission, Division of Privacy and Identity Protection), Vinhcent Le (Technology Equity Legal Counsel, The Greenlining Institute) and Bertram Lee (Counsel for Media and Tech, The Leadership Conference for Civil and Human Rights). You can watch the conversation here.
AI Week “AI Ethics: Global Perspectives”
On May 11, Julia Stoyanovich participated in a panel organized by AI Ethics: Global Perspectives as part of 2021 AI Week. She appeared alongside Celina Bottino (Project Director at Institute for Technology & Society of Rio de Janeiro), Fabro Steibel (Executive Director at ITS Rio), and Yves Poullet (Co-Chairman of the Namur Digital Institute and Eméritus Professor at University of Namur). The panel was moderated by course leads, Christoph Lütge (Director of the TUM Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence), and Stefaan Verhulst (Co-Founder and Chief Research and Development Officer at The GovLab).
Opinion | We Need Laws to Take On Racism and Sexism in Hiring Technology - The New York Times
Now is the time for a transatlantic dialog on the risk of AI 
Algorithms will soon be in charge of hiring and firing. Not everyone thinks this is a good idea | ZDNet
The Algorithmic Auditing Trap. ‘Bias audits’ for discriminatory tools… | by Mona Sloane | Mar, 2021 | OneZero
Prof. Julia Stoyanovich, Director of the Center for Responsible AI - Interview Series | Unite.AI
HireVue Discontinues Facial Analysis Screening
Oscar Romero
Excited to discuss how we work with New Yorkers to address local priorities through tech and innovation at the "Tracing #Artificial Intelligence in Our Everyday Lives” event organized by @SwissCGNY @nyutandon @AIResponsibly.

Register 👉 Cc @NYC_CTO
NYU Tandon
Eric Corbett, @NYU_CUSP @AIResponsibly, awarded 2021 Mellon/@ACLS1919 Scholars and Society Fellowship for his work on responsible uses of #AI in the public sector. Congratulations, Eric 🎉 #NYUTandonMade
NYU Tandon
Advancing #AI: just 1 reason we’ve leaped 30 places in just 10 yrs in @USNewsEducation! In the next 10 yrs, we're building a future in which #ResponsibleAI is the only kind accepted by society. Follow @AIResponsibly for more #30in10 #NYUTandonMade
Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence
(3/3) The #AIEthics: Global Perspectives free online course is a joint project of the #IEAI @TU_Muenchen, the #GlobalAIEthicsConsortium, the Governance Lab, @nyutandon and @AIResponsibly.

Register here and join us:
Shruthi Velidi
fantastic panel by @AIResponsibly and @BetaNYC on algorithmic bias in hiring, how HR teams can hold vendors of AI recruitment tools accountable, the (in)effectiveness of audits, and how regulation is absolutely critical #OpenDataWeek
Falaah Arif Khan
*** New Comic ***
Go immerse yourself in all things 'Fair' in our (++ @stoyanoj and @mEleniManis) new Data, Responsibly Comic book- "Fairness and Friends" !
#RDSComic #AIResponsibly
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