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We’re baaaaack!
It’s been 4 months since the last issue of this newsletter which is…a long time. When I started it, I only ever wanted to email you when I had cool stuff to share.
As a reminder, this newsletter is a short and digestible list of resources that I come across throughout my addiction to the internet.
I hope you’re all doing great 😄
📖 Building accessible communities
The latest book from A Book Apart is from Sameera Kapila, looking at how we can make more accessible spaces. Pre-orders open soon!
🧰 Loads of utility Figma plugins
From prolific creator Karl, here’s a minisite of all of their plugin / widget creations. I use them regularly!
📖 An introduction to constraint-based systems
There’s a lot flying around at the moment about how people do/don’t use grids in their design. This is another approach, putting spacing at the heart of everything you do as a designer.
🎨 A huge (free) Figma UI Kit
From Jon Moore, who you may remember from being one of the earliest famous faces of Sketch. He’s published a great resource here to help you kickstart your designs.
💻 SwiftUI for designers – course
A course aimed at creatives to try and learn SwiftUI. It’s an amazing way to rapidly prototype iOS apps, and the course is looking sweet.
📱 Beeper – all your text apps in one
I’m seriously considering getting this. It’s not free, but the amount of time we all spend context switching between apps is surely worth something?
📅 Tweek – to do list and calendar
I often use my calendar as a to do list, and this is an entire app for it!
Did you know we have a podcast?
8px Radio is light. I ask the same 5 questions to every guest!
See you next time
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