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News of 6prog - April

News of 6prog
News of 6prog - April
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Here is news from 6prog with interesting guides and work related stuff.
Do you think the chart would be a good kick off agenda for a new team or project?
I saw the above team canvas and really liked the idea of it.
Site updates
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How do I register my business?
In PAD there is a field on the top left asking for a company name. Fill it in. Sorted.
Which fields matter most in profile?
The first three. Show off about your business aims and capabilities. Why is the work you do interesting? It will be. Ask for a review/rewrite from the Community Managers. Use the 6 ‘w’s to help - Who, What, Why, When, Where and How.
Contact info
Your contact information is only viewable to your connections. A phone number and email are a good start but consider adding your personal and business LinkedIn pages, link an article that you have written and add your website.
Ok so meeting the Community Manager is not mandatory but it really helps us to operate 6prog for you. Drop by the lounge and say ‘hi’. Tell us what you are working on and suggest ways we can support you. That’s why we started 6prog.
On the same topic - how you present your business is pretty high up on the list of ‘stuff to consider’ - you could check out this offer from Matthew at Fluent Forward
Fluent Forward and 6prog
We are happy to offer a limited number of free strategy review sessions to help you get clarity on your proposition.
IR35 - OP21
I’m as bored as you are talking about the changes to off payroll legislation. However, this group, backed by one of our partners at inni Accounts have collated a wealth of data about real-time activities being taken by businesses.
Find fairer IR35 & CV19 clients, agents & brollys.
Platforms and the future of work
Center for the Transformation of Work Call - April 1, 2021 - Open Assembly
How Digital Transformation Gives SMBs the Agility Advantage
6 ways to get substitutes on 6prog
6prog - The fastest and most cost effective contract engagement process
Happy reading. Please feel free to submit content for next week!
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