Five Things

By Nico Lumma

Every Sunday Morning I send out my newsletter Five Things which features five articles I think you should read. These five articles have exactly one thing in common: I find them interesting. :)

Every Sunday Morning I send out my newsletter Five Things which features five articles I think you should read. These five articles have exactly one thing in common: I find them interesting. :)

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Five Things for a year that feels very old already

Currently I don't know what I should worry about more: COVID-19, climate change, or Russia vs. Ukraine? I need more positive news, I'm tired of all this negative stuff all around me. Anyhow, I picked out five very interesting articles for you. Read them now.


Five Things - Deliberate Ignorance, Spy Movies, Post-COVID-19 Architecture, Metaverse

What a week. This year can only get better, much better. After an exhausting week it's good to sit back and read something interesting. I found five very interesting articles for your Sunday morning reading pleasure. Read on, my dear.


Five Things - this is your start into a great Sunday!

2022 feels like it has been around for a long time, doesn't it? But while the news about COVID-19 still don't look as hopeful as we all want, there is a lot of discussion about what we need to do differently in business and society in a post-COVID-19 world. A…


Five Things - Have a great 2022!

So far 2022 hasn't been that bad, hasn't it? Let's make this a great year! I'm optimistic that we'll see lots of positive change this year and in the next few years. We have neglecting the obvious signs for too long and now we need change quickly to prevent o…


Five Things to read while trying to digest all the christmas food.

I hope you had great holidays! Tomorrow starts the best part of the year. In Germany we call this period "between the years" and I just love the tranquility, the empty calendar and this wonderful feeling when everything moves so slow. So relax, take your time…


Five Things - Last edition before christmas!

I just love this time of the year. Supposedly we all should get into the christmas mood, but life is too hectic to bake cookies or decorate the house. Let's hope everything slows down soon.


Five Things - Birds, Medicine, Office, Noodles, Bees

From Birds to Bees, here's an interesting selection of very insightful articles.Enjoy!


Read this issue of Five Things now!

As I bought all my christmas gift in early September I really get to enjoy this festive season. Haha, just kidding, I still have no clue what to get my loved ones. Why is it always like this: the most festive season of the year is so utterly stressful? Anyhow…


Five Things for a rainy Sunday Morning

Drizzling rain at 2 degrees Celsius, what a great way to start the christmas shopping season. I feel festive already. Anyways, here are some interesting articles for you to read. Enjoy.


Five Things - COVID, NFT, Constitution, Harvard, Deep Fried Turkey

Last Sunday my stepdad died after being hospitalized for a little over a week. My brother and I were able to spend some time with him talking about his life and I'm so glad we got the chance to say a proper good-bye before he passed. So it's no surprise this …


Five Things: Metaverse, Tech Problems, Big Tech / Small Tech, Zillow, Seinfeld

So it's Sunday again and you came to the right place: I picked out five great articles for you to read. So without further ado, here they are:


Five Things - Extraterrestrial Capitalism, Batteries, Parenting, Running, Dogs

As the world had its eyes on Glasgow for COP26 I spent some time nearby in Edinburgh and found out, among other things, that there can be beautiful scotch whisky which doesn't taste like peat. Also, I saw men wearing shorts and t-shirt in the beginning of Nov…


Five Things: International Order, Fixing Climate, Meta, Abba, Leaf Blowers

As the G20 meet in Rome right now, it is important to think about the shortcomings of our current international order when it comes to fixing the climate crisis. The next few years will be very important for taking the right steps, but I think that most leade…


Five Things about Paris, Taxes, Longtermism, Endemic, Mathub

Another week has passed where we experienced the weird stage of the pandemic with no masks at some places and masks at other places and testing and no testing and checking in and not checking in anymore. And somehow it feels like we can do more while at the s…


I have carefully selected Five Things for you, read them now.

This week I did something I hadn't done in a long time. I went to see a movie in a movie theater. Amazing how much they charge for stale popcorn nowadays. But it was nice to see a movie again without any disturbance. Of course I watched a kids movie with my t…


It's Sunday Morning. Read Five Things now.

A lot happened this week, but rather than focusing on the news that got covered elsewhere, I picked five interesting articles for you. I quite like the first days of fall, when the sun is still around and the leaves turn so colorful. Also, I think it is a goo…


🔴🟡🟢 FTW!

Last Sunday the Social Democrats won the election in Germany and now hopefully we'll get a progressive government consisting of the SPD, the Greens and the Liberals. Yes, it feels great, thanks for asking. It feels like we now have the chance to get the momen…


Five Things for a Sunny Election Day in Germany

Today the electoral campaign in Germany will come to a close. And I assume it will be a nail biter with a couple of coalition options as the result. We'll see how much change and how much stability the Germans really want. The weather is supposed to be great,…


Five Things about German Election, Collapse of the German Conservatives, Productivity Culture, Immaterial World, Delivery Workers

Here in Germany we're headed into the last week of the federal electoral campaign. Right now the polls are showing a five point lead of the Social Democrats over the Conservative CDU/CSU. I like this a lot, obvioulsy. I've known Olaf Scholz for over 25 years …


It's Sunday Morning. Read this Newsletter now. Bonus Video inside.

20 years ago the world stood still. I still remember how I spent the afternoon glued to the TV and reloading the news websites every few seconds while being on the phone with my family in the USA. What followed was a long war that lasted for 20 years. I hope …