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The 9th Edition - On Common Language, virtual panel of experts and the Interrelationship Diagram

George Nurijanian
George Nurijanian
Here’s what I’ve been pondering:

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“We are generally the better persuaded by the reasons we discover ourselves than by those given to us by others.” - Blaise Pascal
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I like how Ben describes the use of Doctrines (5 mins), especially the one called “Common Language”. We keep throwing around the same concepts with different names, and often go in circles. Soon as we equate all the different names to the one name we will use for a particular notion, conversations became easier. Related to one of the thoughts below too.
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  • It takes mental toughness to pick apart one’s own insights. In his book “Good Strategy/Bad Strategy”, Richard Rumelt suggests invoking a virtual panel of experts. Mine are basic & include Elon Musk, Steve Jobs & Jeff Bezos. They may not be everyone’s first choice for many reasons, but you can’t deny their strategic genius. If you have a panel, who’s in it?
  • These past few weeks, alignment has been on my mind. In one of our kickoffs, we broke the ice by imagining a ball. Everyone came up with their own expectation of the ball. Now, take that into any meeting or project, and it’s clear how brittle alignment can be.
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A quick guide to the Interrelationship Diagram - a simple tool for challenging yourself with the anxiety-inducing question of: “am I working on the most important thing right now?” (2 mins)
How would a central bank digital currency work? (NZ-centric) - Cheating with a link to a podcast. “When The Facts Change” is a good podcast from Kiwibank/The Spinoff. It’s probably more interesting if you’re based in New Zealand. (48 mins) 
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George Nurijanian
George Nurijanian @nurijanian

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