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The 7th Edition - On Wardley Mapping, S-1 filings & limiting WIP

George Nurijanian
George Nurijanian
Here’s what I’ve been interested in:

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“If you build software, every error message is marketing.” - Jason Fried
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I was reminded of this short intro to Wardley Mapping (5 min), especially after the latest MapCamp conference a week ago. The single biggest struggle with this technique is just getting others to map with me.
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  • When your theory fails, all you need to do is try a variation - not come up with a new theory altogether. (I picked this up from “Black Box Thinking: The Surprising Truth About Success”)
  • When you get stuck in the past, you are alone. (I picked this up from “Einstein’s Dreams”)
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On Science Fiction & Product Strategy - Keeping with the theme of Wardley Mapping, a practitioner wrote a science fiction book using these methods to predict the future of tech and the Earth (3 mins)
Asana’s S-1 filing - Risk Factors - my partner thinks I’m a bore for reading S-1 filings of SaaS companies, but there’s something nice about reading the sober account of the risk factors for a solid company (5 mins)
Why Limiting WIP, Starting Together, Being Less Busy, and Working Together is SO HARD - John Cutler writes about organisational challenges deeply. Limiting Work-in-Progress has been on the mind of all product people since time immemorial but we’re all guilty of it (5 mins)
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George Nurijanian
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