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The 28th Edition - On MSFT, Elon Musk (again) & Sales reporting lines

George Nurijanian
George Nurijanian
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Did you know that if you bought MSFT stock at the highs in 2000, it took 15 years to get back to breakeven?
Wonder what will happen this time around? MSFT dropped ~22% from its peak in November 2021.
It took Satya Nadella, the current CEO, 997 days from the date of his appointment to get the stock back up to its 2000 peak.
Even with the current drop, MSFT is trading at 7x price from the start of Nadella’s appointment.

35 Impactful Questions Managers Should Ask Themselves Regularly
I sent this to my manager - and noted it down myself. There’s a lot, and 35 is 32 too many probably, but these questions are great.
Save & refer in the future, whether you’re leading others or not.
E69: Elon Musk on Twitter's bot problem, SpaceX's grand plan, Tesla stories, Giga Texas & more
E69: Elon Musk on Twitter's bot problem, SpaceX's grand plan, Tesla stories, Giga Texas & more
I promise I’m not an Elon Musk fanboy, but this was a cool format (cozy vs. interrogative like most interviews are).
Elon talks (and jokes a lot) about Twitter & its bot problem, more Tesla stories, and how a relatively small patch of Utah or Texas covered in solar panels could power the whole US.
  • “Many people compare their weaknesses to the strengths of others, and that is often why they feel insecure.” - Dr. Julie Gurner (source)
  • “Helping someone else through difficulty is where civilization starts.” - Margaret Mead (source)
  • Sales Report into Product: Product people always complain that sales people don’t understand & don’t align with product, and always overpromise features to clients that Product then needs to build. I posed a question: “What if Sales reported into Product?” (source)
  • Why Build SaaS When You Can Invest: As I wrote my strategy to hitting 10M in net worth in the next 10 years, I pondered - why try to build something when you can invest? It must come down to personal preference - but what about the risk profile? (source)
  • Strategy Debt: Speaking of strategy, it erodes with context change. “If leadership refuses to keep track and make sense of context changes, strategy debt increases. Thus, alignment, engagement and momentum decreases.” How often do you review your strategies? (source)
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George Nurijanian
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