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The 17th Edition - On FatFIRE, The Cathedral Effect & niche marketplace Chrome extensions

George Nurijanian
George Nurijanian
Did you know that over 2,500 left handed people are killed a year from using right handed products?
Talk about Accessibility…

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Depending on where you are in your life, you could be either on your way to 10M+ in net worth, or there already.
I find this Reddit fascinating.
If you know about the concept of FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early), but you don’t want to live on 40K a year just to retire early, this Reddit is for you. This is where people who have a high net worth but no longer work talk about different aspects of their life, from they ways they invest to how they manage their finances with their spouse.
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Optimizing Workspace for Productivity, Focus, & Creativity | Huberman Lab Podcast #57
Optimizing Workspace for Productivity, Focus, & Creativity | Huberman Lab Podcast #57
I instantly fell in love with a lot of Andrew Huberman’s content, and you will too if you haven’t yet.
Since you’ll likely be checking this out at your desk, this episode is chock full of advice on how to optimise your workspace.
Use the sections on Youtube to rewind to other parts of the video. For instance, my favorite insights are about The Cathedral Effect & the difference in which binaural beat frequencies are more effective for productivity.
  1. Wisdom is always to want the same thing, always not to want the same thing, provided that your willing be right. For if it is not right, it is impossible for it to remain ever one and the same.” - Seneca (via Michel De Montaigne)
  2. “Every great business is built around a secret that’s hidden from the outside. A great company is a conspiracy to change the world; when you share your secret, the recipient becomes a fellow conspirator.” - Peter Thiel
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  1. What if you raised your prices every year if the product you owned or worked on had an NPS of 20 or more? (Inspired by this tweet)
  2. Niche marketplaces are a treasure trove for micro-SaaS products. There’s a guy who makes a Chrome extension for a niche marketplace. It recently crossed 1M in revenue. TradeMe in New Zealand gets 2M visitors a month. Charging even 1% of those just $5 a month = 1M ARR product. TradeMe is slow to release stuff. There is no visible competition either. (Validated on Twitter recently)
  3. Our brains want to feel good. Celebrating small wins gives them something to re-pattern our life around. If before I thought of it as feel-good positive BS, I now see the scientific idea behind it. Some (negative) event makes our dopamine levels go down. We crave to get the level back up. We do something that makes it go up. That action is either stored or rejected in our memory, depending on how well it raises that level. There’s a lot more to this system, but one thing’s for sure: the need to be careful about what we do to raise our dopamine levels. I add micro-celebrations (pumping my fist, jumping up, drumming on the table, etc.) into my day around things I want to do more of.
Thanks for reading.
Have a great week ahead & see you next week.
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George Nurijanian
George Nurijanian @nurijanian

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