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The 12th Edition - On vulnerability, Cost of Delay & types of rest

George Nurijanian
George Nurijanian
Here’s what’s been on my mind

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“Vulnerability is sharing before you’re ready.” - Max Yoder
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A really dorky video about how to find opportunities on a strategic map. Try it out with anything in your life, perhaps even a sandwich.
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  • What is the core innovation that your best hires bring? What is the essence of what makes them win your approval, time and time again? 
  • Can you live without the thing that you most desire?
3 links
  • Cost of Delay – interview with Don Reinertsen - I’m finally going through the dense Principles of Product Development Flow. This interview with the author is much more user friendly, but it’s not necessarily for newbies. Though I suspect I’m the only one who’s still learning about queuing theory.
  • mistakes - this company posts their mistakes annually. They split them into Content, Presentation & Organizational - and describe how they’re improving the mistakes. I found it humble and very likeable.
  • The seven types of rest: I spent a week trying them all. Could they help end my exhaustion? - I never thought about all the different types of rest, so there were a couple of options I’ve learned about in this article - for instance, creative rest. Check it out and let me know what your favorite type of rest is!
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George Nurijanian
George Nurijanian @nurijanian

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