In-depth technical reviews of innovative web3 projects. Educational and Inspirational.

In-depth technical reviews of innovative web3 projects. Educational and Inspirational.

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DigitalOil🛢 - LilNouns as a Gateway to Nouns

In case you didn’t get a chance to feed your decentralized soul with some Nouns DAO meat, feel free to first read the original thread.DISCLAIMER: I have since acquired 1 Noun, that the community has deemed the Doom Gatekeeper. I’m lucky enough to consume my o…


DigitalOil🛢 - Nouns DAO

Here's how @nounsdao works under the hood.


Digital🛢- On Web3 Identity(ies)

When we forecast a new technology, we consider its fit alongside current societal, economic, and technological structures. Thus, consensus on digital identity seems to prefer 1-to-1 structures. However, the trustless nature of smart contracts doesn’t require …


Digital🛢- Will you strike digital oil? - Issue #14

Hey crew!Sorry for the radio silence... it's been a while.I've been busy getting my family settled in Marbella, followed by a flyback to America for NFT NYC. And... mainly been focusing on launching NFTR. DAO plans aren't ded. I'll get back to you guys as soo…


Oil Strike #2 - Our own token - The Winner

# of subs: 94# of subs that actually read the issues: ~50# of claimers: 15# of OIL swap approvals: 2# of OIL to USDC swaps: 0# of OIL raffle submissions: 12# of OIL coins submitted (total): 184 million out of 200 million totalIn conclusion, either everybody d…


Digital🛢- Our own token - Task #3

Alright, the time has come for you to submit any untraded OIL as raffle tickets to the smart contract. The more OIL you have available to submit, the higher the chances you will win the raffle and be sent 250 USDC. To submit your OIL, click here. Then, scroll…


Oil Strike #2 - Our own token - Task #2

Oil should be in your wallets. I just need to teach you how to add visibility of the token to Metamask so that you can see it there. In the end, distribution happened a little different than I mentioned. The earlier you claimed, the more tokens you got, but t…


Digital🛢- Our own token - Task #1

This issue lands in your inbox upon great news!Digital Oil Coin (aka OIL) now exists on the Polygon blockchain. As you might know by now, you can use Polygonscan to inspect the smart contract here.Only people who submitted their Metamask address for the first…


Oil Strike #2: We launch our own token

Congratulations again to our winner of 500 USDC from our first Oil Strike. This month's Oil Strike will be even more exciting, as we're launching our own token on the Polygon Blockchain.If you've recently signed up to Digital Oil and you didn't participate in…


Digital🛢- Will you strike digital oil? - Issue #8 - The $500 winner

This morning I activated the raffle draw in the smart contract. You can see the transaction here on PolygonScan.The winning address was:0x5D2F800f48E4ffBf35DeEAAbCB7593e1f5520318Congratulations! As part of that transaction the contract automatically transferr…


Digital🛢- Will you strike digital oil? - Issue #7 - The Best Joke Teller 🥁 & The Last Task

A few moments ago I closed voting for the joke telling contest. We have a winner! We had a total of 14 voters, which means 14 people completed the 3rd task in Oil Strike #1. The vote transactions can be seen here on PolygonScan. The winning joke received 3 vo…


Digital🛢- Will you strike digital oil? - Issue #6 - Oil Strike #1: Task #3

Task #3 will be your simplest task to date. You'll just have to review all submitted jokes and vote for your favorite. The contract-enforced rules are:If you didn't joke, you can't voteYou can't vote for your own jokeYou can only vote onceWow, if only IRL (in…


Digital🛢- Will you strike digital oil? - Issue #5: Submit a Joke Quorum!

It seems like this learn to earn thing is catching on. I'm happy to announce we have quorum on submitted jokes. Out of 18 invitees, 10 have submitted their joke. The other 8 have until tomorrow afternoon to submit theirs, since I'll be locking joke submission…


Digital🛢- Will you strike digital oil? - Issue #4 - Oil Strike #1: Task #2

From what I could tell from who clicked on the download link, at least 8 of you didn't have Metamask before. Which likely means that if you had crypto it was custodial, meaning that you delegated custody of your account keys to Coinbase, Binance, etc. Before …


Digital🛢- Will you strike digital oil? - We have quorum

I have good news, and I have bad news. The good news is we have quorum. Issue #2 (the first task in the first Oil Strike) was sent to 64 subscribers. Of those 64 subscribers, 42 opened the issue. Of those 42 that opened, 17 followed the instructions to comple…


Digital🛢- Will you strike digital oil? - Issue #2

In case you just signed up to Digital Oil, here's a link to the first issue, which you can read to get up to speed.Every 4 issues we'll have an Oil Strike ($500 USDC prize). The smart contract we'll be interacting with during the 4 issues will determine which…


Digital🛢- Will you strike digital oil? Issue #1

The scavenger hunt is designed for beginners. Quite possibly people that have never interacted with a blockchain directly. My objective is to get as many people as I can to speculate less about price of tokens they (many times) don't understand, and actually …