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What is Revue?
An easy way to share your curated content with people via email. You can create a personal newsletter in less than 5 minutes.
Why should I use Revue?
You don’t need to be tech savvy to create your digest. We make you look professional without you having to spend a lot of time on it. You focus on content, we focus on design.
How do I sign up?
Just go to the signup page and use your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account to sign up for Revue.
How much does Revue cost?
You can use it for free! If you want to customize things or if you need more subscribers, you'll have to upgrade to a Pro account. Check out our pricing page for more information.
Can I use just a username and password to sign up?
Right now the only way is to use either a Twitter, Facebook or Google account to sign up.
How can I delete my Revue account?
We’re really sad to see you go. To delete your account click on your profile image to open the menu, then choose “Your Settings”. In the bottom right corner you will find the “Delete Account” option.


Can people see my previous issues?
Yes, of course! They are visible to your subscribers under your profile when they visit your Revue page.
Can I schedule my issues?
Yes you can and it is super easy. Just go to “Issues” and then click on the button “Schedule Issue”. There you can choose to send it directly or schedule it at a specific date and time.
Can I send myself a preview?
Yes, click on the arrow next to show preview when creating the issue itself and choose “Send me a preview”.
Do I have to send issues weekly?
You can schedule and send the issue(s) whenever you like.
Can I edit multiple issues at the same time?
This is something we are planning to offer as a feature in the future.
Can I edit or resend previous issues?
That's currently not supported.
Can I share my newsletter to Facebook?
Yes, you can share your digest to FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and you can even directly publish it to Medium.
Can I share my issues to a Facebook page (instead of my personal account)?
That is one of the settings we will work on in the future in order to help you reach your audience. Stay tuned!


Can I have multiple subscriber lists?
For now you can only create multiple accounts, which will enable you to have multiple subscriber lists.
Can I integrate with Wordpress?
Yes, we have plugin for Wordpress that lets you easily add a subscriber form. You an find it here.
Can I embed a subscribe form on my website?
Yes, check out the "Signup forms" page.
How can I sync my subscribers list with MailChimp?
You can easily do that by importing your subscribers list from MailChimp or integrate the list(s) using Zapier.
How can I import my subscribers from other platforms?
There are multiple ways you can do that. You can either simply copy/paste the subscribers or use a CSV-file or a TXT-file to import them. You can do that here.
How can I suggest more integrations that will be useful to your platform?
We are always open to suggestions and feedback, so you can contact us at We cannot promise we will be able to make it happen, but we are always happy to hear from our clients!


Can I change the email template?
We are really passionate about making the content of your choice look good. That’s why for now changing the template is not possible, but we will be introducing themes in the future!
Can I have a custom footer?
The custom footer is still a feature that we will introduce in the future.
What’s included in the Pro version?
The PRO version offers the option to customize the colors of your page, the welcome message, the email header and your email address. You can also use a custom domain, you can get rid of the Revue logo and best of all get up to 7,500 subscribers.
What’s included in the Team version?
The Team version includes everything that the Pro account does, but it also offers team functionality with unlimited amount of team members.
How can I change my name, email or profile picture ?
Click on your profile picture and then go to Account settings. You can change those there.
Can I invite colleagues to help me create my digest?
You can invite colleagues to collaborate with if you have a Team account. Go to Users at Account settings.
How can I set up an SPF record?
Make sure to add the following SPF record to your DNS settings: v=spf1 ~all
What can I set up a custom domain and what does DNS stand for?
You can read all about it here


What kind of analytics do you provide?

When it comes to email analytics, we provide our users with Open and Click Tracking as well as Unsubscribe Rates, both on a per issue as per subscriber level.

Do I get notifications when I get new subscribers?
Yes, you do. You can either enable or disable those notifications in the settings menu. You can do this at the Settings page.
How can I get people to sign up for my newsletter?

You can either share your profile page on different social media platforms that you use like Facebook, Twitter or your own personal blog. Another tip we can give you is to have a clear goal as to who your audience is. You can also integrate signup forms in your website or use our Wordpress plugin.

Where can I find other newsletters?
There are some really cool newsletters on Revue. Check them out here or sign up for our bi-weekly digest about interesting newsletters.