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Vox media’s newsletters explain the news

Revue’s editorial newsletter format is a great fit for Vox’s editors to do deep dives into topics such as social media and democracy.

The Interface

VentureBeat covers tech that matters

It uses Revue for a range of newsletters including its Daily Roundup as well as weekly editions on topics like AR/VR, AI, PC Gaming and Funding.


Monetize loyal audiences using digital subscriptions, sponsoring, ads or other business models.

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  • Subscriptions

    Start a standalone newsletter subscriptions with our all-in-one membership solution or add newsletters to your subscription package.

  • Traffic generation

    Loyal users read more of your content. Boost page views with editorial newsletters

  • Sponsorships

    Manage your newsletter ad inventory. Sponsored newsletters, sponsored content, banner ads, etc.

  • Affiliate

    Take commission on referrals to other sites, eg selling books or linking to Amazon.

  • Communities / Events

    Build a more direct relationship, foster loyalty and offer membership or events.

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