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Vox media’s newsletters explain the news

Revue’s editorial newsletter format is a great fit for Vox’s editors to do deep dives into topics such as social media and democracy.

Schaffhauser Nachrichten

The regional news you do not want to miss

Schaffhauser Nachrichten keeps its readers informed with everything they need to know about the region. Adding a weekly newsletter from the editorial team helps readers never to miss anything important.

FastCompany brings you the future of business in its daily flagship newsletter

With Revue, FastCompany is able to add a personal touch to daily round up. It has all the important articles of the day, curated by its editorial team.

South Africa’s most trusted TV and online news brand

South Africa’s most trusted news brand on TV, online and with newsletters: The Revue-powered newsletters, most notably the daily “Five in Five”, complement its 24 hour TV presence, web site and mobile news apps.

VentureBeat covers tech that matters

With Revue, VentureBeat can offer the right newsletter for everyone, including the broad Daily Roundup as well as weekly editions on topics like AR/VR, AI, PC Gaming and Funding.

Personal newsletters from the editorial team

The NOS is one of the big four news organisations in The Netherlands. It uses Revue to allow its best-known reporters to create newsletters that dive deeply into topics that have proven popular on TV.

Monetize loyal audiences using digital subscriptions, sponsoring, ads or other business models.

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  • Subscriptions

    Start a standalone newsletter subscriptions with our all-in-one membership solution or add newsletters to your subscription package.

  • Traffic generation

    Loyal users read more of your content. Boost page views with editorial newsletters

  • Sponsorships

    Manage your newsletter ad inventory. Sponsored newsletters, sponsored content, banner ads, etc.

  • Affiliate

    Take commission on referrals to other sites, eg selling books or linking to Amazon.

  • Communities / Events

    Build a more direct relationship, foster loyalty and offer membership or events.


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